Drama filled opening day

Jim Thome just loves to his the long ball at Jacob’s….er Progressive Field. He added two jacks to his lead as the reigning king of the homer at Progressive Field. Those two shots, though, were only the beginning of the drama which unfolded at Progressive Field today. And if that’s any indication of the season to come, I don’t know what is.

With the exception of the two HRs given up to Thome, Cy Cy Sabathia had a decent outing. But the outing also is reflective of his game 1 ALDS performance last year: shaky at best. Lets hope those nerves were just opening day jitters on a contract year rather than an indication of things to come. Then again, if CC doesn’t have a good year, we might be able to keep him in an Indians uniform. Only time will tell. Many say CC is going to turn into a Bartolo Colon, winning the Cy Young, then busting. Buster Onley of ESPN doesn’t think so after ESPN the Magazine’s cover of CC and Onley’s prediction that the Tribe will win it all. We’ll see.

Still, the drama continued at Progressive Field. After the Indians broke out in the 2nd inning, taking a  7-2 lead, when every one thought it would be easy sailing for the rest of the game, drama had to come. And it came via the heart of the Tribe, Victor Martinez.

Martinez hurt himself sliding into second base after a ball got away from AJ Pierzynski. Victor left the game with a hamstring injury. Lucky for the Tribe, he got up and walked off the field. He’s currently listed as day to day. I pray to God he’s back soon. He’s the heart of the Indians team, and he’s needed in my fantasy league. :P Thankfully for the Tribe, though, Kelly Shoppach filled in just nice for Vic.

Kudos to Sizemore, Gutierrez, and Blake. All three had an excellent day. Sizemore with the HR, Gutierrez going 3-3 with the HR, and Blake driving in the winning runs. Its a good start to a bounce back year for Sizemore today. Gutierrez is proving to the critics that last year wasn’t a fluke and that he will be a premier hitter in this league. And a sleeper fantasy pick. And again, Blake is showing he can be clutch when it counts.

Another kudos to the best reliever in baseball, Raphy “Right” Bentancourt.  He picked up the win and was super clutch in a few jams, particularly in the 7th inning. And even though Joe Borowski gave up a HR to Dye, he again proved he gets the job done, picking up his first save of the season. And what good would Borowski be if he didn’t give us a little drama? Come on, that’s the appeal of Joe Borowski: scare us, but still, somehow, lead the AL in saves and get the job done.

So sit back, Tribe fans. The Central is going to be a horse race this year, and the Indians are going to make it interesting. Today is only a taste of things to come!

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Nice job in rounding up the Tribe’s Opening Day victory! I hope more victories can be laughers. Victor looked pretty good walking off the field which is a good sign. If they had had to take him off on a stretcher, I’d be more worried.
Also, thank God for that umpiring crew! Shoppach surely missed that tag and not too many umps would have caught Cabrera grabbing Jhonny’s leg on the double play relay.

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